Maria Petrova

Maria Petrova
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Massage,Blessing Way,Rebozo,Pleine conscience - mindfulness
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0797 727 441
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1208 Genève
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I was born in Russia and have been living in Geneva since 2013. I am a mom of 20-years old daughter. And my way to the Doula started at that moment 20 years ago. I was the first mom among my friends and actually acted as a prenatal & postpartum Doula for them. I did not know at that period the name of what I was doing.

Then it was long way to the Doula profession through education and working as a perinatal psycologist and a gestalt therapist. A year ago I found out, that what I was doing like a hobby has a name - Doula!

So to start my practice I completed Professional Doula program of Institute of Perinatal Support (memeber of EDN) and continue my practice and development in this immense ocean of Birth. Currently I am a student of Birthig From Within program to support parents in their preparation to Labyrinth of Birth.

A propos

L’accompagnement à la naissance par une doula (Doula-Geburtsbegleitung®) est une tradition ancienne qui consiste à ce qu’une femme proche – en complément de la sage-femme - accompagne une autre femme lors de son accouchement. Ce vieux «métier» a été redécouvert en 1970 aux États-Unis à la suite d’études et d’observations menées dans divers hôpitaux par Klaus Kennell, Marshall et Phyllis Klaus.

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